PROPTECH FROM AN INVESTOR’S PERSPECTIVE   December 09, 2021 • 5 min read By Cailin Donachie, PropTech Africa Association Intern     Technology is evolving continuously and boasts to possess the means to change the world and the way we live. Technology is also paving the way to innovate further and has begun to make […]

Data and Technologies: Do We Need Them?

The only thing that remains constant is change. There are constant and even daily changes in market trends and as such, it is a known fact that organisation’s need to constantly adapt in order to keep up and survive. With business and social trends being the driving force of change across industries and markets, understanding […]

Technology: A Saving Grace for Property Owners and Tenants

Summary: It is noteworthy of mention that when properties and portfolios have a high degree of PropTech exposure, greater than their peers: They achieve better valuations They enjoy extended lifespans They survive longer lifecycles, remaining relevant to their tenants, users, and the broader community for longer With Covid-19 continuing to plague countries worldwide such as […]

This report is the first of its kind that focusses on the proptech ecosystem in East Africa. It was authored by our cofounder Sean Godoy and is the result of a partnership between the Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town and Proptech Africa. The focus of the report and associated […]