Mapping the East African Proptech Ecosystem

This report is the first of its kind that focusses on the proptech ecosystem in East Africa. It was authored by our cofounder Sean Godoy and is the result of a partnership between the Urban Real Estate Research Unit at the University of Cape Town and Proptech Africa.

The focus of the report and associated map detailing proptech companies in the region is Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (KTU). Key findings include;

• Real estate markets themselves are at varying stages of maturity, with some fundamentals still developing on the back of growing economies

• Proptech in general is in its early stages development, although general tech ecosystems largely strong and promising, providing a good foundation for future proptech activity and innovation (e.g Silicon Savannah, Silicon Dar)

• 51 proptech companies and 49 coworking/flexible space providers in the KTU region (Kenya 35, Tanzania 8, Uganda 8)

• Kenya leading in line with larger economy and more established tech and real estate sectors. Pockets of promising activity in Uganda and Tanzania are present, but these are more traditional markets that are less mature at this stage.

• Models that address a specific, local challenge or opportunity have a greater chance of success and meaningful impact